Ephrem's Publications

Ephrem's Publications

Ephrem’s Publications is the publication wing of the Ephrem’s Theological Association, Satna. It aims at promoting research in Eastern Ecclesial heritage and popularising eastern ecclesial studies through the publication of books.

For copies contact: Manager Ephrem’s Publications

                                   PB No. 26, Satna 485 001 (MP)

                                   Email: ephremspublication@gmail.com

Terms and Conditions:

The book stalls and similar agencies may be given reasonable commission. When the books are sold directly by Ephrem’s publications, a discount not exceeding 25% may be given.

The easiest way of transactions to us is to NEFT the amount to our Bank: Union Bank of India, Satna; A/c No. 527302010002426;  A/c Holder: Manager Ephrem's Publications. All bank cheques and Demand Drafts should be made in favour of Manager Ephrem’s Publications, Satna. Add Rs 30.00 to all outstation (out of SATNA) cheques and DDs. The M.O. should necessarily indicate the address of the sender and the purpose (name of the books) in the space provided for communication. Please inform us of any transaction via email: ephremspublication@gmail.com

We list below its recent books:

1. (Bishop) Mattam A. D., Forgotten East: Mission, Liturgy and Spirituality of the Eastern Churches, Ephrem’s Publications, Satna 2001, pp. 302, price: Rs 200.00; US$ 20/- ; ISBN: 81-88065-00-5. A remarkable guide to anyone interested in the venerable traditions of the Christian East.

2. Anikuzhikattil Thomas, Jesus Christ the Saviour: Soteriology according to East Syriac Tradition, Ephrem’s Publications, Satna 2002, pp.xvi+392, price: Rs 295.00; US$ 25/- ; ISBN: 81-88065-01-3; A biblico-theological study of the East Syriac Soteriology; (not available)

3. Thumpanirappel George, Christ in the East Syriac Tradition, Ephrem’s Publications, Satna 2003, pp.xiv-214; price: Rs 195.00; US$ 15/- ; ISBN: 81-88065-02-1; (not available)

4. Maniparampil J., ed., Word on the Wayside, Ephrem’s Publications, Satna, pp.xx+232, price: Rs 150.00; US$ 12/-; A collection of homilies.

5. Maniyattu Pauly, ed., East Syriac Theology: An Introduction, Ephrem’s Publications, Satna 2007, pp. 374; Price: Rs 200.00; US$ 20/- ; ISBN: 81-88065-04-8; A study on the theology of the East Syriac Tradition by a group of scholars.

6. Koodapuzha Jose (ed), John Paul II: Prophet of Life, Ephrem’s Publications, Satna, 2009, pp. x-210; Price: Rs 200.00; US$ 20/-; An academic attempt to highlight the specific influence of St. John Paul II on moral, social, familial and social issues.

7. Arangassery Lonappan, MST, Holy Baptism in the Syriac East, Ephrem Publications, Satna; pages xviii+ 254, Price Rs 200/, € 20/-, ISBN: 978-81-86065-00-6; Theology of Baptism exposed by East Syrian liturgical and patristic sources.

8. Appassery George VC, Priestly Formation, Ephrem's Publications, Satna; pages xxii+ 212, Price Rs 200/, US$ 20/-; € 20/-, ISBN: 978-81-86065-01-3; Historical and theological reflections on priestly formation from and Indian perspective.

9. George Kudilil – Alex Pandarakappil (ed), Mission and Contextual Formation, Ephrem's Publications, Satna; pages 336, Price Rs 250/, ISBN: 978-81-86065-02-0; Theologians from across India reflect aloud and deeply about the various aspects of Mission and Contextual Formation.